Broward County Giving Up to 35% Off Court Costs

Attention all procrastinators out there. Broward County is offering a deal too good to refuse. From now until March 16, 2019 (this Saturday), ANYONE who has a conviction for a felony, misdemeanor, or ANY traffic infraction that resulted in court costs and you failed to pay and now have additional fees (from a collection agency) you need to check this out. The Clerk is waiving those additional fees. That’s right. The Clerk is giving you a chance to avoid paying any additional fees because you didn’t pay on time. This waiving of fees will result in up to 35% off your current outstanding balance. WOO HOO!!

If you had an additional statutory late fee added to your original fee, that will still be in effect, BUT, anything extra that was tacked on from a collection agency is being waived.

Who knows if the Clerk will ever offer this again? If this applies to you, run don’t walk to the courthouse and take care of this. After Saturday, your collection fee just went back up 35%. It can be a chance to get your license back if your reason for still having a suspended license is that you haven’t had enough money to pay the debt.

The best part is this offer is good no matter how long you’ve had this outstanding balance. The only small catch is that you must pay it off in full. You can’t get the benefit of the savings and go on a payment plan (listen, you may think the Clerk is dumb, but they’re not stupid).

You can use any method of payment and you can do this at ANY of the four courthouses in Broward County. You can also pay online at the Clerk of court website, For more information, call the Clerk’s office at 954-831-6565.

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