Accident Ticket? Avoid This Costly Mistake

Unlike every other type of traffic ticket, most accident tickets have one very unique quality that makes them special. As a result of this "uniqueness," most people make one huge, potentially very costly mistake when they get an accident ticket.

They pay it and take the points!

The reason you should never pay an accident ticket is as follows:

Most accident cases are NOT witnessed by a police officer

The single biggest difference between accident tickets and every other type of ticket is that most accident cases happen without a police officer actually seeing what happened. Think about it, what are the odds of a police officer actually witnessing the accident while it happens? The reason this is so important is that the only people who can testify against you at trial, are the people who DID see or hear anything. In other words, one of the key witnesses for the government, the police officer, will NOT be allowed to testify. (There are exceptions to that, but very few.)

What a huge advantage! Don't screw it up by paying the ticket.

Most police officers are experienced and skilled at testifying in a courtroom. They are not nervous and know the elements of the charge and are therefore able to testify in a way that allows the state to meet its burden of proof.

Conversely, most individuals are not used to being in court and have no idea what they are supposed to say in their testimony; and as a result, our experience has shown that these cases get dismissed at a much higher percentage than other types of cases where a police officer is testifying.

So, if you are unlucky enough to get an accident ticket, don't compound your problems by paying it. Fight that ticket! Either with an experienced traffic attorney or by yourself. Contact me if you have any questions. My office is here to help. You can call us at 866-374-8355.

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