Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

I've written on the topic of driving without insurance for years now and no matter how many ways I try to point out why people shouldn't do it, the percentage of uninsured drivers hasn't changed.

Well I don't think I can change the world with this blog, but if I can reach one of you, I'll be happy. Here's why. Driving without insurance is one of the quickest ways to screw up your life. Yes, I said your life. 

When you drive without insurance, you are subjecting yourself to an immediate suspension of your driving privilege. Alright, I admit, having your license suspended isn't screwing your life up. But let's take it a step further. Let's say you drive without insurance, because you were trying to save money, and you get into an accident. Want to guess when you'll get your license back? No time soon.

Chances are, if you are involved in an auto accident, there will be damages to either a person or property. Without insurance, guess who's going to be picking up the tab? You guessed it. . . you. And guess who's going to be without a license until all the damages are paid off? You guessed right again. . .you.

Is it really worth it to lose your license and have a judgment against you that will keep you from ever getting your driver's license back? Because of something as easily avoidable as driving without insurance?

Recently in Florida, there was a crackdown of uninsured drivers and what they found was that almost 24% of drivers did not have insurance.  Now what was even crazier were the number of people who were carrying fake insurance information.  This is a felony!!!

We've documented on our blog the scam people are getting away with when they are involved in an accident. Basically, there are people who have a fake driver's license in their wallet, and if they are involved in an accident, they hand you the fake id and tell you they will meet you on the side of the road. After you move your cars out of traffic, instead of pulling over, they keep going, leaving you with a fake driver's license and no way to contact them.

I guess if people are willing to go through the trouble of printing a fake driver's license, the idea of having a fake insurance card is no biggie.

Again, I ask the question. Is it really worth it to go through the trouble, and risk going to jail, for having fake insurance and/or driving without insurance? There are so many insurance programs out there that you can surely find one within your budget.

If you have a ticket for driving without insurance and want to fight it, we can assist you. There are things that can be done to mitigate your damages, including getting SR-22 insurance. Additionally, we can certainly point you in the direction of an insurance agent that will find the most cost-effective insurance. At the end of the day, there must be a better place to try and save money.

If you have a question about an insurance ticket, or just have a question about insurance, feel free to call us at

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