Do You Get Points On Your License For Speeding? Duh!

Believe it or not, we field a lot of calls here in the office on a daily basis. Many are from people who just received a ticket and are not sure if they should fight it or pay it and go to traffic school.

But, the most consistent question we receive is whether you get points on your license for speeding.  And I'll be honest, it's hard not to answer without making the person who asked feel bad for asking a dumb question because I truly believe there are no dumb questions, BUT . . . Serioulsy?

Do you really not know, or are you really asking "How MANY POINTS do you get on your license for speeding?" Because, I hope if you are smart enough to pass the driving test, you are smart enough to know that points on your license are not good, and YES, you do get points on your license for speeding.  I mean, to be technical, you don't get them for speeding, you get them for receiving a ticket for speeding, but I think you understand what we're talking about.

Points are one of the ways the state keeps track of whether or not they should take your license away.  But, since most people aren't really in jeopardy of having their driver's license taken away (you have to be a really bad driver for that to happen), why should you care if you get points on your license for speeding?  Here's why.


Points on your license are one of the fastest ways to get your auto insurance increased. And we are not talking a few dollars. The average increase for one ticket on your license is hundreds of dollars a year, for every year those points stay on your license (In Florida, it's 3 years).  If you have a few tickets, you could be looking at a 50% increase (If you don't believe me, read this) In these economic times, you just cannot afford to waste that kind of money.

What can you do to avoid getting points on your license, you ask? Simple.

Always Fight Your Ticket

Not only do we guarantee no points on your license or your money back, fighting your ticket, is the only way to get it dismissed.

Now that you know that you get points on your license for speeding, you might want to check out some of our other articles about how to avoid getting a speeding ticket, or what to do when you get a ticket.

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