How Long Does A Speeding Ticket Stay On Your Record?

Whenever I get asked by a client "how long does a speeding ticket stay on your record," I get a little excited. Not because of the shock that is going to be felt when I reveal the answer. No, I don't enjoy giving news to people that rocks their world. It's just that when I tell someone that a speeding stays on their record FOREVER.

I know I'm going to have their attention for at least the next few minutes so I can make my point. Which is, that you should always fight your tickets.

The truth is a speeding ticket will stay on your record 75 years, but that might as well be forever. The point is that fighting a ticket is the only way to get it dismissed so it won't appear on your record. And just so you know, speeding tickets in Florida can be either 3 or 4 points depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit.

Why would you ever want to pay a ticket and allow it to stay on your record and subject you to insurance increases? And why give your insurance company any more money than you already do? And while we're at it, why give the state any more money in fines (which are essentially taxes)?

That's one of the reasons Unger & Kowitt was created. Because we felt the offenses that people were being accused of weren't matching up with the money they were being asked to pay. The entire thing seemed so disproportionately unfair, that we felt we had to help people fight back.

If the state charged people $50 for a speeding ticket and the insurance company only raised your rates after you've been in an accident (not because they think you are now high risk because you were going 58 mph on a road that is marked 35) than I don't think we'd have the feeling of outrage that we do. I am not sure Unger & Kowitt wouldn't be out trying to help people with a differently perceived injustice. But the fact is, the way the current traffic ticket system is set up leaves no doubt that it's more about revenue than public safety and that gets us fired up to go and help people fight back against the system.

If you have a speeding ticket and don't want it to be on your record forever and want to fight back, and we certainly think that you should, you can either fight it yourself or fight it with a traffic ticket attorney

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