Do You Know How Points Affect Your Insurance Rates?

The question of "How many points you can have on your license?" before your license gets suspended is one we receive quite a bit. Points on your driver's license, you should know, are bad. Most people who come into our office seem to have a general understanding of the fact that they don't want points on their license, which is why our firm offers a "No Points or Your Money Back Guarantee."

But ask yourself this, "Do you know why points on your license are bad?" or do you just know you don't want them. Truthfully, knowing you don't want them and are willing to do anything to avoid them is a great first step, but here are some of the real reasons you don't want any points on your license.

Points on your driver's license will lead to the following:

Huge insurance increases

Suspension of your driving privilege

Possible loss of employment benefits and poor credit rating

Believe it or not, having points on your license can increase your insurance by over 50% while those points remain on your license. That's crazy when you think about it. If your normal insurance premium is $1,000, having points on your license can cause you to pay $1,500 instead.

Now, most insurance companies won't raise you 50% for having one violation with points on your record, (for your first ticket, the average increase was 18%), but that's still per year, and points stay on your record for 3 years. This information was provided by analyzing over 32,000 insurance policies.

In addition to paying an enormous increase in your premium, you run the risk of having your license suspended and screwing up your credit rating, which I address in another post.

So the question shouldn't be "How many points can you have on your license?" as much as it should be "How do I keep points from ever appearing on my license?" and the answer is easy. Always fight your ticket!!

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