How to Fight & Beat a Stop Sign Ticket

In the past we've written on how to beat a speeding ticket (by far the most popular thing everyone wants to know); but this time, I came across a great article from a guy in California who used a unique way to get out of his stop sign ticket and I had to pass it on.

Like most tips, feel free to use it at your discretion. I've never used it in Florida (although I may try after reading this) and of course, nothing is guaranteed, but give it a shot.

Just a few things to keep in mind about this tip.

  • It was created by a physicist, so this may be over all of our heads (not only to understand but to explain to the judge). Although perhaps you minored in physics for fun in college, in which case, this will be a great flashback.
  • It was posted online April 1. I'm always leery of anything around April Fools Day, but it does seem to have some credibility to it. The key, like most things, is getting a judge to buy into it.

The article was published by a man named Dmitri Krioukov and it was called "The Proof of Innocence." In this four-page paper, he explains the differences between angular and linear motion. If I'm losing you, hang in there. If I've lost you, I'm sorry. There's plenty of other tips on this blog that don't involve math.

Here's what Krioukov was able to prove while he beat his stop sign ticket. That the police officer was at a distance perpendicular to the car, and the officer had an illusion that Krioukov's car didn't stop, when in fact it did. He was able to prove that because, in his theory, three things happened.

  1. The officer measured the linear, not the angular speed of the car
  2. The car slowed down and then sped up relatively quickly
  3. The officer's line of sight and the angle was obstructed by a passing car at the moment when both cars were near the stop sign.

Basically, all this translates to the fact that the officer was watching Krioukov from the side, not the back. As a result, when he slowed down and stopped (in his opinion) a car quickly passed and gave the illusion to the officer that he never stopped.

From my nonphysicist, but legal mind, once the car came in between the defendant and the officer, the line of sight was broken, which should be enough. But what do I know? I'm just a Florida Traffic Attorney who's firm has handled over 500,000 traffic tickets, plenty of which have been stop sign tickets.

If you want to try the physicist theory, I'd love to hear how it went. If you want to hire my law firm to take a shot at beating your florida stop sign ticket, call us at 866-374-8355.

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