How Points On Your License Can Affect Your Job

Did you know that getting a traffic ticket and paying it, which will result in points on your license, can be used by your previous employer to deny your unemployment benefits?

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Under HB 7005, a new law that allows employers to consider “misconduct” outside the workplace, has been interpreted to include receiving a traffic ticket as a legitimate reason to deny benefits after employment.

Obviously, it might depend on what your current employment is, but experts have agreed if you are a school bus driver, and you get a DUI, you can not only be fired, but your boss will use that as an excuse to not pay you the benefits you’ve accrued. In the same scenario, a speeding ticket in a school zone, on a day off, being used against you, is not a stretch.

All this basically goes back to what we preach here all the time, which is to “ALWAYS FIGHT YOUR TRAFFIC TICKETS.”

No matter how insignificant you think a ticket may be, don’t realize after the fact that what you thought was a minor momentary lapse in judgment, was in fact, something that will have lasting side effects.

If you received a traffic ticket and are thinking of fighting it yourself, please read my post where I explain the pros and cons on fighting a ticket yourself or hiring an attorney.

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