Undocumented Immigrant Traffic Tickets & Deportation

In what is sure to be a relief to the millions of undocumented immigrants who receive traffic tickets, the government just announced a change in policy. Getting a traffic ticket will no longer be considered an acceptable excuse to deport anyone who is here illegally and does not have proper documentation.

The Department of Homeland Securities report apparently was very critical of past deportations, as the law was intended to apply to foreigners with "serious criminal records."  Obviously, minor traffic violations do not qualify as a serious criminal record.

What is believed is that by removing people from this country for minor offenses, it was creating a lack of trust between local police and neighborhoods that had a large immigrant population.  Since the law was designed to remove dangerous criminals, anything that was hindering that objective had to be examined.

The fear of being deported as a result of receiving a minor traffic violation was keeping many people from fighting their tickets and actually encouraging many undocumented individuals to go underground and pay exorbitant amounts to unscrupulous people who would give fake licenses to these people.  I've heard of immigrants traveling days on a bus to go to certain license bureau's in small towns who may not ask for the same documentation that they do in some larger cities.

At least now, it's all out in the open.  No one should have to fear going underground because they received a speeding ticket. 

Skeptics are pointing out that this is an election year tactic and that President Obama is using this to encourage votes from immigrant populations.

What do you think?  Is this new law fair?  Is this an election tactic?  Should people be deported for a speeding ticket?

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