Window Tint Ticket? I Can See The Light!

Doesn't it make you nuts when you're driving along and look over at the car next to you and because the windows are tinted so dark, you can't see the driver or anyone else in the car?

According to the AOA accessories trend report, window tint is the second most popular add-on at the car dealer just ahead of floor mats.

In Florida, it seems every car has tinted windows, but some cars, clearly are window tint tickets waiting to happen.  You can generally make the tint on your car as dark as you want, but if you don't want to encourage the police to stop you and give you a window tint violation ticket, I suggest you ask your installer how dark you can go before it's ticket time.

If you have been diagnosed with Lupus or similar medical conditions which require a limited exposure to light, you can make the tint as dark as you want, because Florida Statute 316.29545 exempts you from receiving a ticket for tinted windows.

Which window you tint can play a big factor in whether or not you receive a ticket.  The windshield the driver sees out of cannot have any window tint past a certain point (presumably the point at which a person can see out the window).  The rear side and back glass also have their own set of rules and regulations.

Without getting too technical, the tint you choose cannot block more than 25-35 percent of the light, depending on which window you decide to tint. But worse than the amount of light that is passing through is the appearance of the window tint.

In almost every instance, getting a window tint ticket is the result of committing some other violation that caused the police to pull you over (i.e. speeding), and depending on your behavior, they may or may not look for other tickets to write. However, most police are absolutely going to stop you if you have the windows tinted so dark they can't see anything inside.

Of course, if you read this blog on a regular basis, you should know one of the factors that can cause you to receive higher court costs is your attitude towards the police officer.  Therefore, I'm sure you would never do anything to cause the officer to write you an additional ticket, like one for a window tint violation.

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